Welcome to Suite Integrity, a multi-generational lifestyle brainchild. In 2014, we launched Suite Integrity Travel, specializing in Luxury, Active and Adventure Travel. This year, we add SI Expats. SI Expats will chronicle the Suite Integrity family’s transition from the US to the Netherlands, via blogs, vlogs, and whatever else might come to mind. Coming Aug 2018!


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TripIt “Happiest Flyers” Infographic

‘Tis the season to strategize how to make the best of airport chaos. Who are the happy travelers? Why? What can I incorporate? That kind of thing. Apparently, I need to be older or younger.  I’ll get right on that!  *lol* *Fellow over-thinkers, you’re welcome! Thanks for the timely article, TripIt!   FYI, I love … Continue reading TripIt “Happiest Flyers” Infographic

Luggage Advice & Stuff

Whilst in a very opinionated mood this morning, I happened to come across Christopher Elliot’s article (consumer advocate, and definitely one worth following) in The Washington Post regarding luggage etiquette.  There are couple of things I do differently, that I don’t see changing anytime soon.  Find those things, plus lengthy explanations and mostly-unrelated tangents, below: … Continue reading Luggage Advice & Stuff

Travel Specialist aka “Information Concierge”

Sometimes, I get out of my own head and just spit words out as they’re thought.  This was one of those times: “The average traveler visits 38 websites. That’s a lot of time, energy, and frustration, especially if you’re only using that information for one trip! I’m happy to sleuth for you. Two reasons: I … Continue reading Travel Specialist aka “Information Concierge”


The first thing that came to my mind when I considered today’s prompt was “extraneous.”  Then, adjectives and phrases along the lines of “basic,” “unhelpful,” “pointless,” and “verbose” followed.  Ironically, I tried to think of a lighter (read: fluffier) concept to quickly address.  But “marshmallows” and “clouds” would be inauthentic for me.  I could put … Continue reading Fluff

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